Scientific research is an integral part of the training process as well as of the research and development activities of the Department of Technology, Organization and Management of Transport. Their results are essential for the prestige of the members of the department. Scientific research has a significant influence on the qualifications of the academic staff and improves the quality of education of students and Ph.D. students.

The directions of research in the department of TOMT are:

in the field of Transport, Shipping and Aviation
• Design, modeling, research and implementation of electronic control and management systems in transport;
• Design and study of traffic simulation models;
• Research and analysis of the reliability of transport systems;
• Cost-benefit analysis of railway infrastructure projects;
• Transportation of dangerous goods by railway network;
• Transport safety research;
• Risk assessment methodology;
• Analysis and investigation of activities in terminals in concession;
• Modeling and study of passenger flows in urban public transport;
• Environmental problems in the construction of transport infrastructure;
• Methodology, modeling and forecasting of traffic and investments in transport.

in the field of General Engineering
• Operations research;
• Operational management;
• Transportation technologies;
• Forecasting, planning and controlling;
• Simulation modeling;
• Project management and more.

in the field of Economics
• Socio-economic aspects of EU transport policy;
• Modeling and research of investment processes in the construction of transport infrastructure;
• Assessment of economic efficiency in transport;
• Improvement of the transport investment policy;
• Cost-Benefit analysis of transportation systems;
• Models and methodologies for determining infrastructure charges in transport;
• Accounting, financial and tax problems of enterprises;
• absorption and reporting of European funds;
• Global financial and economic crisis;
• Liberalization of the transport market;
• Traditions and specifics in the development of the transport system in Bulgaria;
• Specific features of the development of the Balkan railway network;
• International relations, organizations, and cooperation in the field of transport.

in the field of application of mathematics, informatics and computer science in transport
• Mathematical modeling and process study;
• Dynamic and linear programming;
• Multifactor optimization;
• Formal methods for logical modeling;
• Statistical analysis;
• Use of information models;
• Algorithmisations of multifactor models;
• Automated distance learning systems;
• Network and information security;
• Internet technologies and more.